viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

Magic words: "Once upon a time ..."

“Once upon a time…”: magic words which open the door into new worlds where anything is possible because the normal rules of logic do not apply. And, once those words have been said, there must be few people who can resist the fascination, as they are drawn deeper into the web of the story.

Children enjoy listening to stories in their mother tongue and understand the conventions of narrative, for example “once upon a time”. For this reason, storybooks can provide an ideal introduction to the foreign language as it is presented in a context that is familiar to the child. There is a “grammar” of stories which can be followed by children even if they do not understand every single word. They allow for the natural and enjoyable repetition of words and phrases.

            We all need stories for our minds as much as we need food for our bodies: we watch tv, go to the cinema and theatre, read books, and exchange stories with our friends. Stories help children to understand their world and to share it with others.  

Comparto un documento sobre este tema que creo os puede resultar interesante a los que estáis preparando la oposición. 

                                                           Estos son los contenidos:
                                                       -  Why use children's literature?
                                                       -  Interactive read aloud
                                                                *  Preparation
                                                                *  Pre-reading
                                                                *  During reading interactions
                                                                * Post reading (follow-up activities)
                                                       -  Questions and comments

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