sábado, 23 de junio de 2012

Election of Songs: It's your choice.

The election of a song will be based on its learning potential. When choosing a song we must bear in mind our aims and choose one that will help us to achieve them. Moreover, songs should respect these rules:

-          Accurate grammatical contents, without going beyond the limitation of knowledge already acquired for the students.

-          Lexical contents useful and easily memorizable, without excess of new elements for the pupil.

-          There should not be tonic stress on the syllables that would not normally have them.

It is a mistake to expect students to understand perfectly the meaning of all the words and expressions appearing in the song. What it really appeals to them from a song is, not necessarily the lyric, but the melody. Above all, children enjoy immensely singing songs, although in many cases they do not have a complete idea of the meaning of some words used in them.

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